• Annapurna
  • Bardia
  • Bhada Village
  • Chitwan
  • Illam
  • Nagarkot
  • Nuwakot
  • Palpa
  • Panauti
  • Patan
  • Patlekhet
  • Rasuwa
  • Help to cook the evening meal, ride a bike down to the Narayani River, or just take a walk around the traditional Tharu village

    Elen Turner, Matador Network

  • Had a haircut from my host family, wearing a sari, eating spicy PaniPuri, and Momo is absolute fun in Panauti Community Homestay.

    Emma Thomson, Independent

  • A project that is part of a larger Community Homestay; to empower women and local Nepali communities.

    Celinne Da Costa, Forbes

A True Definition of 'Home Away from Home'

Meet the real people, Be a part of a Nepali family, Make your travel experience - authentic.

​What is CommunityHomestay.com?

CommunityHomestay.com is an initiative from Royal Mountain Travel. It is a community-based Homestay network that connects global-travelers with the real faces of Nepal for a genuine local travel experience in Nepal.

As once a French novelist Marcel Proust said, “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” CommunityHomestay.com is a way of exploring the rich diversity of Nepalese communities and forms a bridge to connect local people and the culture of Nepal to the rest of the world.


Why CommunityHomestay.com?

  • Multiple Choices

    Homestays from diverse communities.

  • A Close Encounter

    To real Nepali life.

  • Travel For Social Benefit

    For Women Empowerment.

  • "Thank you very much for the great time. It was a pleasure trying my hands with the local farmers in Panauti. Definitely, when I come back again, I would love to spend most of my day in Panauti Community Homestay."

    - Adrien Clr