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Our Homestays are spread throughout the country. We ensure you the best and safest experience in Nepal, in our Homestays. We are much committed to maintaining and practicing safety standards to provide comfort and security to the travelers. From the moment you select our Homestay to the experience is over your safety is always our primary concern.

From the moment you book your Homestay till the experience is over, we regard your safety as our top most priority. All our Homestays follow the guideline we designed, and we do investigate from time to time; visiting the Homestays to make sure if they have maintained the required safety measurements.

We also observe carefully the safety aspect to ensure you the safest stay in our s. Keeping in mind any potential hazards that could arise – be it the location or the beds or food, we - Homestays are very safe in such matter; we conduct every possible inquiry and verification before listing the Homestays in our network.

Nepalese are a very friendly person by nature, but when in contact with a host, don’t pass them your phone number or personal contact information if you are not comfortable doing so. Once you’ve received an acceptable level of comfort and trust with the host family, perhaps then only you may share, but if you continue to feel uncomfortable, please give head-office a call, and we shall change your Homestay.

We encourage you to read the descriptions thoroughly. It's a good idea to read everything that hosts have posted about their experience. Make sure you understand the host's cancellation policy before submitting a booking request, too.

It's better to familiarize yourself about the cultural and religious differences in the places you visit. Gender roles and cultural expectations differ widely across the globe and factor into what’s acceptable and what isn’t when at the host’s location.

Essentially, from the moment you make a booking till the experience is over, all experiences at CommunityHomestay.com are designed from the ground up with your 'safety' in mind. Taking responsibilities for your personal safety when travelling is also much important.

CommunityHomestay.com does not offer travelers insurance for guests. However, traveler's insurance is a relatively affordable option that can protect you in a case of an injury or emergency on a trip. Some policies even cover lost baggage and travel delays. Check with your local insurance provider for details on your options.